How to Translate BasKet Note Pads to Your Language
This page is now out of date until the KDE 4 port is finished. If BasKet Note Pads is not yet translated to your native language, you can help to make this happens. This page explains how to do;
Git Source Code Repository
You want to always be up to date, or you want to participate in the development effort? This is the page you're searching for;
Development Mailing List
Development decisions are took between developers by emails on that list;
Developer Wiki (Out of Date)
The common dashboard where we put our ideas and didcuss what will be done for the next releases;
IRC Channel
Meet the developers on the channel #basket-devel of the server;

For this application, we had to create new components that could also be usefull to other KDE applications. Here they are:

System Tray on Close Info Dialog
Integrate the dialog that appears when closing main window in your application;
LikeBack - Quick Feedback from Beta-Testers
A simple system to lower down the barriers between the users and the developers.
This is a KDE project