Source Code Access

You want to always be up to date, or you want to participate in the development effort?
This is the page you're searching for.
Here are instructions to download and install the latest development version of this application.
The version you will download is the latest code produced one week or one hour earlier!
We're trying to keep that code compilable and usable, but remember it's not a public release, so sometimes it can be hardly usable for daily needs. In those cases, retry some days later...

Currently BasKet has two repositories, active git repository where porting to KDE4 is being done and the old svn repository. If you want to help out, help with the porting effort is much appreciated!

Instructions to Get the Latest Development Code for KDE

Open a console, and type the following command to get copy of the git repository:

git clone git://

You can also browse the repository with a web browser at

Please read the README in the repository for further instructions.

To contribute, please send patches to the mailing list

Note on the old SVN tree

The old SVN tree has been completely imported into the Git repository above (including the branches), so those are still available.

The maint branch is where the KDE3 code is still being kept (and is code frozen, minus bug fixes).

This is a KDE project