System Tray on Close Info Dialog

This improvement has been asked by the usability review.
I tryed to put this thing into KDE libs, but there is one remaining bug: if windows can be behind Kicker, the screenshot take that window and not the kicker icon!



Screenshot of the "on close info dialog" that show a snapshot of the systray that circle the system tray icon. The screenshot is dynamically taken (not a static image), which then show the real user configuration:

Normal screenshot: kicker with pixmap on bottom

The snapshot is taken even if the kicker in on top of the screen:

Transparent kicker on top

Or on right (or left):

Kicker on right

Some guys proposed to use the current highlight color instead of red. But that color is often nearly the same as windows decoration one (kicker on top) or of the colored kicker... It result less contrast and a circle that can be missed:

Same as first, but with highlight color instead of red: less visible


If you want to integrate this dialog in your application, copy and paste tis code in your project: class KSystemTray2.
It is a class that inherit KSystemTray to extend it and add one method: displayCloseMessage(). Use or extend it instead of KSystemTray, and voilà!

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